My Unfortunate Workflow

I realized today that the process I go through to write a new piece of code isn’t always ideal. Today I needed to get a fast version of Dijkstra’s algorithm working in Matlab. I had already written a native Matlab version which was taking a very long time to run on a very large, but […]

Debugging MATLAB

So today I discovered two tricks for debugging in MATLAB which I’m sure will help me immensely. First, I discovered that my breakpoints were disappearing every time I start a script because the command clear all actually clears all breakpoints. I tend to start scripts with the line

in order to get a fresh workspace, […]

Fireworks 2012

I spent this weekend with my parents on our farm in Concordia, Missouri. We got a few fireworks and shot some off on Saturday night and the rest the next day. It’s not the most exciting show, but it was still fun. I shot and edited this video on my iPad using iMovie.

Building a New Site

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve done anything with this site. My hosting plan just renewed for another 2 years and I realized that I should probably actually do something with it this time around. My plan is to separate from the old Philmont site,, and hopefully do something unique with it. I […] © 2015 Frontier Theme