Tetris in HTML5 for Noobs

If you’ve ever been interested in programming games, but don’t have any background experience, then this tutorial series is for you! On this page I’ve compiled all of my posts on how to make Tetris from scratch using nothing but a text editor and a web browser. No experience necessary. You can see what the final game looks like here. Follow along and you’ll be an amateur game developer in no time!

Part 1 – Introduction

Part 2 – Basic Layout

Part 3 – Basic Drawing Commands

Part 4 – Tetriminos

Part 5 – User Interaction

Part 6 – The Game State Grid

Part 7 – Basic Collision Detection

Part 8 – Game Logic

Part 9 – Finishing Touches


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  1. Hi Drew,

    After following along your tetris posts I rewrote everything in clojurescript. Maybe you are interested, I put it on github and wrote some posts about it too, following your line.

    I hope thats ok for you.


    1. Cool! I’m really glad that the tutorial was helpful. I don’t know much about clojurescript, but I’ll be sure to check it out.

      – Drew

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